edit:Positive Affirmation that really helped today

So today I started to say to myself:

“You don’t have to think this way”

and i just kept thinking this, kept playing it in my head.

and i connected on a deeper level to myself and understanding, to the entirety of the situation.

I stopped fighting with it and just came to like a deeper understanding. It’s kinda peaceful.


Positive thoughts work. Last year, in order to talk to people, I used the thought “You judge yourself too much and that’s why you keep quiet”. It kind makes me think in a solution for my problem and then I start talking to people.

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Yeah, this helped me because just knowing i didn’t have to think this way brought into understanding, helped me ease up on everything i thought was delusional or menacing.

I really need to start thinking positive again, fell in a dark hole for a couple months.

Some theories say that negative feedback/thinking about the inner dialogue could be the underlieing issue in schizophrenia.

Just a thought though i guess, i take it with a grain of salt.


it’s good that you thought positively and found an understanding.

i used to have a lot of negative thoughts too. but when i stopped a few habits, i realized that much of the negative thoughts became silent. I still have some negative thoughts now, but not as much as the habit times.