Ect therapy

Has anyone tried this? Does it work for extreme negative symptoms

It is for depression. :koala::koala::koala:

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My psychiatrist said its for depression and not for sz negative symptoms. He refused prescribing it. It has bad effects on memory sometimes permanent.

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Good to know, thanks aziz

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Not to disregard what Aziz just said, but I have seen ect do a lot of good before. This guy had tried to commit suicide on our unit. They put him in bed and in restraints for about four months. When they let him up he was barely responsive to his environment. After they gave him the ect he was a new person - well adjusted and happy. Outgoing, even. It did him a lot of good.

ECT has been used for positive symptoms and aggression but the results for negative symptoms seem to be inconclusive

I watched a guy get electroshocked while the door was open. They shut door noticing I was watching. I was in a state hospital. I brought up ECT but they didn’t care. Probably good thing I didn’t.

extreme negative symptoms is due to low dopamine activity in certain regions of brain particularly prefrontal cortex region, ect not touch dopamine. you may consider parkinson treatment options like l dopa, amantadine etc. need something to boost dopamine function.

Have you used L- dopa or amantadine? @pr21

That will just make you worse and in psychosis.

Don’t try them, they will just make you psychotic. L dopa made me psychotic before even being diagnosed with psychosis.

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i have’nt tried those but its the treatment for very severe negative symptoms. but if you have positive symptoms susceptibility then you can’t take it. its for those who have pure and extreme negative symptoms. this is why parkinson patients given those as they not have positive symptoms. but if the l dopa dose is more then can get positive symptoms ranging from anger, hyper sexuality to psychosis.

have you tried other things for negative symptoms like vitamins like c, b1, zinc etc? i have some improvement in my negative symptoms with these may be i am deficient in these.

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