Echolalia - Mocking Bird

Is this a common thing that others with Psychosis/Schizophrenia deal with?

Echopraxia is the involuntary mimicking of other’s movements while echolalia is the mimicking of other’s words.

I do this all the time out in public and it has gotten me in trouble with parents. It is also kinda embarrassing?

Share your experiences if you’ve got any


While spending time listening to someone, I begin to imitate their body language. When talking with someone, I begin to imitate their patterns of speech. These things are embarrassing. It’s unconscious. You CAN correct it.

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I agree with Martin. I used to have this habit of borrowing my friends’ gestures or manner of speaking. Once I became aware of the problem, I took steps to correct it. And I think I succeeded.

my ex did this and it was a bit annoying but i didnt know it was an actual condition so i just put up with it.

mimicking the words i mean but not out loud.

I did this with my husband. I mimicked his pattern of speech and words for years. I’m still mimicking his pattern of speech. Long after he abandoned it. I mimicked my last girlfriend’s pattern of behavior. I’m still mimicking it long after we were over.

Oh interesting, I didn’t know that. Right before I got sick, I had a bad case of this(movements) while I was on a flight and the people next to me started making fun of me. I was really embarrassed and confused as to why I was doing it.

Now I only semi do it but like in a casual way if I’m like vibing with someone. So not to the point where it’s a condition.

I notice I will mimic what other people say ‘cause I have nothing else to say and it’s just something that comes out.
I know I used to mimic peoples’ specific accents too, unintended.
I think some times I copy their movements too, I never really knew the term or that’s most likely what I have been dealing with since I was a child.