I can't stop copying people's actions

I see someone do M action and then I do it what’s wrong with me

I don’t know, but STOP It for goodness sake, do ya wanna come off as Special Ed and give us all a bad rap?

that’s really messed up to say.

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Sounds like echopraxia - it is a recognised symptom.

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Is it?
You wanted to know what was wrong with you, that I have no idea…but I was hoping you’d understand that when you do things like that, well…people can be pretty mean, guess I’m one of them, didn’t mean to be so mean.
Just want you to know things like that don’t usually go unnoticed, and being made fun of really isn’t a good thing- it hurts.

i know what u mean.
when somebody wanna go to a restaurant i go as well.
i am without meds.maybe u need more

mine is with accents or gestures. I can’t control it even when I try to stop it makes it worse. I will hear a different accent or se a continuous gesture and it takes over me or I take over it.

Mirror neurons. An aspect of psychosis is not being able to differentiate external and internal stimuli.

A tactic that might work is paying less attention to other peoples actions and emotions as your brain seems inclined to interpret them as valid suggestions of its own.

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