Eating our way to extinction new on youtube

i rented this documentary of youtube for $6.

it is with kate winslet.

it was good.

similar to cowspiracy and dominion or same message.

they can be rented of youtube too.i think.

it made me cry.
as did all those documentaries.

i reccomend it as it can bring about change to go plant based.

finished watching the 100 on netflix.

i love love love the 100.
great series.

enjoyed vampire diaries too.

orange is the new black is a favourite of mine.

now i started watching Van helsing on netflix.

anyone recommend any good series/documentary / film?

what are you watching?

what did you enjoy?


One of the most amazing documentaries I’ve ever seen is Hearts and Minds. It’s about the Vietnam War.

The other night I watched Halloween 2. I thought it was awesome but I’m a huge horror flick fan. :slight_smile:


I watched Squid Games on Netflix it’s a Korean series, it was very entertaining.

Currently watching Love is Blind Brazil on Netflix… it’s a dating show.

Also watched Sexy Beast, another dating show on Netflix, the contestants dress up in monster costumes…

I watch Married at first sight it’s a reality show on lifetime…

That’s mostly what I have watching lately… reality stuff


Yay let’s go vegan and eat highly processed foods and be nutrient deficient.

Sounds stupid to me.

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You have good taste! I’m currently watching How the Universe Works. It’s good. Last night I watch Black Widow.

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@Green , when I was vegan, I didn’t eat processed foods. I worked with a nutritionist who helped me learn how to eat vegan and still get my nutrients. I stopped because my family prefers meat and dairy and I didn’t want to make 2 meals a night anymore.


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