Eating more vegetables helps me stick to my calorie controlled diet

I’ve noticed that having a meal with a lot of vegetables helps a lot. Maybe it’s because I’m getting the nutrients I need?

I just buy bags of frozen mixed vegetables and cook them either in the microwave or the pan.


This is my issue, I don’t eat enough vegetables lately.
Good for you for eating your veggies @everhopeful

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Good to see you’re eating vegetables. They’re full of vitamins and nutrients

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If you are feeling more full with the vegetables it could be because of the fiber.
Eating extra fiber is key to losing weight.

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Eating lots of vegetables helps me, too!


calories are just a ruse
eat real food!

Most vegetables are good for you of course. That’s why they are a part of most any diet. Most vegetables are better for you if they are raw and uncooked but steaming them is fine too.

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One thing I do frequently is eat 2-3 servings of vegetables at a meal and then eat something that is higher in calories (that I am sure to like better). I have the appetite of a college boy, so if I didn’t start filling up before consuming delicious stuff, I’d be overweight again in a heartbeat. I was overweight for a long time but I certainly think that vegetables and exercise are the cure for that. I’ve been a healthy weight for several years now and lots of veggies have made the difference.

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As an experiment, I didn’t eat vegetables for the last 2 days, and the results are in. I couldn’t stick to my calorie target.

So, vegetables are definitely helping.

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Have you thought of investing in a Slow cooker?

I just throw in chopped meat / some powder spices and vegetables. =)

Good job!! you inspire me

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I’ve got two slo cookers(small and large) but hardly ever use them because (a) I can’t motivate myself to buy the ingredients (b) the cost of meat/fish.

My issue too. I eat a lot of takeaways and ready meals neither of which have much veg.
I suppose I could add veg to the ready meals but I tend to eat straight from the ready meal tray rather than put the meal on a plate.
I am not even sure how to microwave veg and the ready meal at the same time.

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Like a lot of people ,I guess, I don’t eat enough veg. Perhaps that’s not surprising given the number of ready/take away meals I eat.
I do wonder how to eat more veg with my ready meals. Like how do you microwave the veg and the ready meal at the same time?
Being a Philistine I tend to put the ready meal container straight in the microwave then eat straight from the container.

I guess I could buy those microwave pouches of veg but always think you pay a premium price for those.

I also hardly eat any fruit. Only occasionally buying those fruit in natural juice that come in plastic pots or packets of frozen fruit,neither of which are cheap.

I did try buying fresh fruit once with an online order. It was cheaper but over half of it went off before I could eat it. I’ve never tried doing that since.