Eating healthy is cheaper

I make everything from scratch. My grocery bill is still ridiculous. I can’t get out of the produce section for less than $50.


I think my preparation is much more basic. I don’t really cook complex dishes. Just salads and fried eggs.

I think overall just cutting process food has been good for me. The cost too. But maybe different for everyone depending on what they are making.

Produce makes my whole meals and snacks as I don’t add sugar carbs breads pasta or any starch or cheese.

If that’s the case, it really isn’t healthier. Salads can be healthy, but you need different types of foods to support healthy body function.

Eggs do supply protein but too many raise cholestrol. I’d worry more about rounding out the diet than cost if at all possible.


Zombie shops for a large family. If you had to buy as much as she has to your bill would be 3x higher. Just take that into consideration. You don’t have to buy as much as she does. Fruit and veggies are so expensive.

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Even small servings are expensive. A small bunch of asparagus is like $3 or so here. That’s not 1 serving for us. Really just enough for 2 people or 1 that loves asparagus.

Thats me. I mean me.


True meal management is much easier for one or two.

As for health. My diet before intervention by docs was much worst than it is now. Even though I was vegetarian. I was only eating takeout and premade food from the grocery. And the worst junk food.

Maybe healthy is not accurate but definitely a shift from non processed food.

I think I still have a journey to go as I do make the same meals everyday 7 days a week which probably isn’t giving me good nutrition but have cut my bad habits of boredom eating.

Definitely have more progress to make on eating healthy. And getting out of danger zones as far as diabetes and heart disease.

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Yup. Healthy foods are expensive. Unless you live on bagged beans and bagged rice with a chopped up veggie mixed in every single day, you will pay way more for healthy food.


What is kachava

A bag of potato chips cost $1 for 60g while fresh potatoes cost 0.80 for 100g here

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I won’t quote an actual figure,as it fluctuates, but I spend a lot on food shopping. It’s ultra easy knowing what I should do to have a cheaper and yet healthier diet, but due to EF difficulties, and far less than good culinary ability, much harder to put into practice.

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Were you buying your crisps at a convenience store or a supermarket? We were on the road this week and I see that a bag of Lays is up to $8. @#$% that. Took a loaf of bread and a jar of PB with us for road snacks. Heck of a lot cheaper.

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Oh supermarket. No the gas station/convenient prices stores are ridiculous and offensive.

Actually I don’t know prices of chips/crisps since inflation.

All this talk of food I’m grabbing a box of snacks :yum:

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