Eating food is not about restricting anymore to me

I eat whatever I like now, as much as I want, and whenever I want. No more restriction for me.

Cos otherwise I’m missing out on yummy foods. Such as yummy snacks other than fruit for example.

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I think you should still try to eat healthy, snacks and tasty foods can be unhealthy.

You don’t have to count calories but at least limit your diet to healthy foods.
You won’t regret it.

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I was developing orthorexia that’s the thing. Life is not perfect nor does my diet need to be.


That’ll change if you develop diverticular disease. I live for fried chicken and jalapeno poppers, but have had to put those on the naughty list. The trips to the emergency in complete agony during flare-ups are not worth it.


I mean I do also incorporate some apparently healthy foods too such as vegetables but I just don’t take it to what I consider an extreme way of eating for me personally, which I have done in the past. I like to treat myself every day with things other than always fruit or just clean food meals as its called. It just allows me to perhaps deal with my intense food cravings a little bit better.
The aim is that I can then eat moderate portions instead of in a binge fashion. If it will work, I don’t know.

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I get that. I’m sort of trying to do the same in moderation. Instead of eating half a pizza I have a single slice with a fruit cup. Swap out the starch in my meal for extra veggies every second night, and so on. That’s sensible in my opinion.


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I’m just so tired of my binge eating disorder. Had it for years and years, so maybe this new attitude I have to food may sort out the binge eating disorder.

I’m glad you found something that feels sensible for you, that’s awesome.

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