Happy Easter

Do you have an Easter prayer or what do you do on Easter

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Here is an Easter picture I did

I wrote a poem today and created art work

We decorated eggs, then we went to mass. It was my brothers’ confirmation. It was very long. By the end of it our dad was in a very bad mood for unknown reasons and he blew up at my mom because my brothers wanted to go say goodbye to their friends from religion class. When my brothers said it was fine and they didn’t need to go, he yelled at them (we were literally right in walking out of and then right outside the church as he’s raging) to go and hurry up and do it anyways.

It was so irrational and made everything unpleasant. Then as soon as we got back to the car he just did that thing where he pretends like it never happened and starts joking around. I just don’t know.

When he’s unhappy with his job, he makes sure everyone else is unhappy too, even on Easter. But what can ya do.

Sorry to hear about your dad Anna. Suppose people are people.

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