Dysania - can't get out of bed

Anyone else deal with this? Last week has been really bad. I wake up, and just don’t want to get out of bed for hours and hours, even if theres things I want to do like fix my sleep cycle or play games etc. Im just more comfortable lying in bed not doing anything so I stay there and waste the day away.

I was surprised there are barely any websites that cover dysania for schizophrenia. Most of them seem to say its a symptom of depression only.

I had problems with sleeping very late in the mornings. Maybe that’s not as bad. I talked about it for a long time and had lots of casual advice. People really were trying to help me. Ultimately a long time of trying little things seemed to help. Then a few weeks ago it got better for some reason which I don’t know.

My beds in the lounge, right in front of this computer. I dont get out of it sometimes. Its a comfort thing - when im tucked up in the dark i feel safer.

I would say if your happy with it - who else has the right to moan. Maybe thats just your way of coping.