DUNE-a long termed project!

There are 6 DUNE books. It is a whole other world. I thought I might be able to get into it and learn all about it. I ordered the first book in the series. It only cost $8. I’m a bit bad about commitment with books though. I don’t know why my Voices want me to die. Maybe life is just hard? Anyone read any DUNE books? I’d be interested.

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I’ve read 4 I think. They were a bit weird anyways and by the time they got to book 3 they were pretty out there. Still. First one is a great book. I like it a lot and re read it often. Good quality world building Sci Fi with enough technology and interesting things. Highly recommend the first. Depends on what you think of that one but they do get pretty strange moving on.

I read three of them in high school. I agree, the first one is really worth reading. they start to drag on a little bit after that.

You want to commit to reading them pretty soon right after one another. I read the first two and then waited many months before tackling the third. By the time I picked up the third I had forgotten most of what happened in the first two and was kinda lost.

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I’ve seen two Dune movies.


Reading sci-fi is not exactly the best idea if you still hear voices. You can easily get strange delusions.

I liked the Dune series but I read them before sz.

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