Drugs induced Irreversible side effect

i took a drug for weight loss containing gymnema sylvestre and chitosan caused me constipation persisted after withdrawal. another drug is metformin caused severe insomnia presisted even after withdrawal. how come a drug have such irreversible effect? it suppose its effect ends after discontinuation. anyone experienced this phenomenon before?

Im having de ja vous , im sure you asked this the other week?
Someone said metformin doesn’t cause insomnia its a diabetes med?


yes i asked it before but didnt get sufficient answer and still suffering and i am sure its the cause and there is researches saying it has a role in sleep disturbances also i want to know is it possible it cause irreversible side effect? i cant believe this . and metformin is used not only for diabetes but also in polycystic ovary and in weight loss as well. there is researches on pubmed confirming this

How long did you take the medication for? As it is possible that it could take just as long to reverse. I.e. tapering antipsychotics can be suggested to take up to 3 year which can be the full unwind of receptor upregulation.

Constipation could potentially be changes in gut microbiota? Shot in the dark but couldn’t hurt to try some probiotics and or change your diet. Coffee will stimulate your bowels this is retained in decafe

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i have taken metformin for only a week the dosage was 1000mg/day.regarding the constipation i didnt take probiotics but i think its related to colon motility not microbiota since i have take prucalopride and found significant improvement in defecation. but i cant take it forever as there is a case report for renal failure due to prucalopride usage

A blood pressure medication named Coversyl has tinnitus as a somewhat common siide-effect, but it becomes permanent for an extreme minority after discontinuing the medication. I’m one of the (un)lucky ones left with permanent hearing damage from it.

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I’m not saying your wrong, there is no way for me to know with certainty, but taking Metformin for a week and having irreversable insomnia sounds unlikely to me.

Sometimes we get it in our head that certain medications are the cause of our conditions because they coincide with symptoms onset. I’m not saying that you are wrong, but maybe to consider the possibility that it could be some other unrelated factor causing this.

Irreversable insomnia seems unlikely after taking it for only a week. How can you be so sure that this is the cause of your insomnia?


because i didnt have insomnia in my entire life. also there was no change in the drugs i used to take and there is no possible factors causing severe insomnia like this it happend right after taking it so it’s not a coincidence. right now i notice little improvement in my insomnia but my sleep quality is not yet like before

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i feel sorry for you, it seems that its possible that certain drug induce irreversible side effect

It does happen, but it’s incredibly rare in most cases. Like we’re talking getting struck by lightning type rare. I just have really $4!++`/ luck in this department.

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unfortunately it seems that we both are unlucky

The best I can say is work with your doctor on it. They may be able to mitigate the side effects. It does suck and good luck with it.


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Agree it is unlikely that it is irreversible if it was for one week


i hope so, it may take some time so that the changes that metformin did in my brain be reversed. as i said i noticed little improvement in my insomnia