Drug stocks drop on report Trump will issue executive order on pricing

Something of interest to those of you in the USA maybe.


That’s good to hear.

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What’s he going to do about it? The article doesn’t say, other than “executive order.”

“I hereby demand that drugs be reasonably priced and there shall be chocolate cake for all.”

*no criticism directed at you, @everhopeful I know you didn’t write the article.

I just hope whatever he does doesn’t put damper on research as it is super expensive to get a drug through many years of trials - and they do it to make money.


If nothing is done about drug overpricing there will be a lot of people in the US who will be doomed to live on public assistance the rest of their lives because for many of us these drugs are the difference between being able or not being able to work during our most productive years…

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Yeah, but what?? What power does a president have to set prices for anything, and especially for it not to backfire. Back in the day this was tried with gas and interest rates, neither of which worked out very well.

Guessing it’ll go over about as well as the travel ban

Drugs MUST be available to all equally, as indeed all articles of consumption/services should.
If Trump manages to lower drug prices it will be a heroic achievement.
Although Trump is himself a billionaire he seems very egalitarian and that’s awesome!

There are two words I would not have thought I’d see in the same sentence as Trump.

His budget would drop a lot of poor people from the medical coverage they need.

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Clearly, drug pricing is obscene. The old rationale was that Americans paid far higher prices to finance the high cost of R&D. That’s a myth today. Big Pharma is simply buys new drugs produced by small companies, often using taxpayer funds (SBIR grants, etc). Big Pharma is just a marketing con, which is why the evening news is clogged with their ads. If the President hammers the cost of drugs and hopefully allows the government to negotiate drug prices on consumers’ behalf, thank God. These are transfer payments from sick people to drug company shareholders. Nothing more.

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I hope this goes through, my Latuda costs like 4K a month this would be huge for me.

Well lets hope whatever he has planned does indeed lower drug prices. Couldn’t actually read the article they wanted for me to turn adblocker off and I was like “not worth it”. Wonder if people on here will still think he is a nazi if he succeeds.

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Do you pay 4k out of pocket for your meds each month?

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Those are insane prices. I just checked how much Latuda costs in USA and found this site: https://www.goodrx.com/latuda
Really weird for me. I am from Finland and i can buy 3 months supply of Latuda with 4.5€ as Finland gives anti-psychotics and antidepressants for people with Psychotics illness with 100% discount, only 4.5€ .I used to think the real price for Latuda 37mg x 98, which is 277,53 € was crazy!


No my insurance covers all of it.

I love him now

But do we know what he intends to do yet? There was talk earlier this year about him wanting to remove the process for approving drugs.

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I’m glad your insurance covers you. But if Trump does manage to negotiate lower drug prices in some way, it would probably not do anything for you then.

Insurance companies don’t pay 4k a month for Latuda, I guarantee. Neither does medicaid. They have negotiating power.

Im glad I live in Scotland where prescriptions are free for everyone regardless if u work or have private healthcare . I do get generics but they are just as good in my opinion .

Drug prices have to be reduced drastically, regardless of insurance.
There are some drugs that are more than 100 times cheaper in India then in the States.
By the way a big reduction in price of drugs may also result in a significant reduction in the price of medical insurance.

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Yea it could help a lot though if I ever have to pay a co-pay on it.

Trump and his so called health bill is going to cut 800 billion out of medicaid for poor people…he is a monster…don’t be fooled.

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