Trump tries to speed up pharma trials

Trump is working on speeding up the process of approving meds… could be a huge step for the sz commmunity in the u.s. ive got my hopes up.


Just curious where you heard that?

It’s true he talked about this today. Just Google “streamline FDA approvals.”


He had a video of him talking to pharmaceutical executives on fb and he said it there.

On his facebook page.

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That doesn’t sound like a necessarily good thing. Speeding up the process could let potentially dangerous medications slip through the approval process.


Thats true, I guess im desperate for some kind of easement of negative symptoms though so atm i feel it would be worth it. In the end… who knows

We’re going to end up w meds w even more bad side effects than they have already ack


Well now it might be a little too slow… i havent done my research but he said it often takes 15 years… thats almost a quarter of a lifetime!

The ones we have now have dangerous side effects.
My body has been falling appart for years from on and off antipsychotic use, mood stabilizers like lamictal etc. who cares if they’re dangerous when 50% of the people with this illness attempt or commit suicide, I would say speeding things up should be a priority

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15 years is too long to wait man that’s just crazy. Not to mention that a lot of them getting phase 3 and fail.
They’re have been three or four meds that actually failed already that would have changed our lives if they had made it. Bitoperin was one of them.

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Its kind of muffed up. I gaurantee if there was no cure for sz they would of passed each one. But they resolved the positige symtoms which affects the rest of society. So they dont care as much anymore.

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considering some meds fail in the third stage i dont think its too long. what if we got iti-007 on the market switched thousands of people and had a relapse


Thats my guess anyways

What if they have three stages but there are quicker pass/fails. Idk its not gonna work if its not a good idea. Theres people that have to approve this i assume

I feel the same way, they don’t care about the mentally ill. They’re like, well we got meds that can control those schizos, but bobody gives a ■■■■ that they kill you 25 years earlier than everyone else.
There are a lot of people out there that could live completely normal independent lives if the meds were just a little bit better than what we have now.

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Just my opinion, but this isn’t out of the kindness of anyone’s heart. It’s about profit. The quicker you get a new drug out there on the market, the quicker you can earn back what you spent on whatever research was required and start making money.
I see commercials on tv for all different medications for a variety of ailments, and 99% of the ad is taken up with side effects warnings. It’s already shocking what passes as “safe”. With quicker release onto the market, they’ll have to do full infomercials just to list the side effects.


I’ll take it! Who gives a ■■■■? Bring out hundreds of new meds that don’t cause weight gain and eps.
It’s better than swinging from a noose

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As one of those I remember the statistic I saw and it was around 10%.

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I say speed it up. I’m only gonna live once, and Trump is right. I’m really starting to like Trump.