Drug induced parkinson

Hi guys shortly after I got my invega injection I froze up and couldn’t move it happens everytime I get it. As well as upper respiratory infection. Does this mean I should get off? I also am still lactating even while being on something for the lactating. Not understanding why my community treatment program won’t remove me off of this injection. I plan on coming off but my mom easily convinces me to stay on it. I know it’s my decision tho. Won’t be taking it next month.


Please discuss your health concerns with your psychiatrist.
He or she may switch you to a different AP if necessary.


Why don’t you go to your pdr by yourself and tell him that you can make your own choices about meds instead of letting your mother do them? I used to go with my mother to my pdr but then I told him that i want to be treated alone without my mother. He accepted.

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I will. I tell them not to call her but they usually still do or she calls them I should be moving in with my boyfriend soon I hope tho thank God lol

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