Drug addict knew my name

I came walking by a couple of addicts leaving the store one night.

I was thinking something in particular.

She knew what it was, i think someone told her.

As i passed she continued her tirade at me.

As we went away from eachother she barked my name very loudly and called me stupid, “stupid (insert my name here)” she yelled.

Only so many options here, someone’s been spying and told her, or someone’s been spying and told her in other ways.

People or spirits people or spirits, so hard to tell now sometimes.

Either way she needs to lay off the junk. Hard to tell at times that people were kids, they used to like having fun and smiled. Poor little ■■■■ is killing herself.

I had never met her.

hi this is what i think when im out and about i actually hallucinate things that arent there i know this when i have checked it out and people who are with me have not heard it. its part of the illness but very distressing: hope you feel better soon.

Thats because they are telepaths normally they keep quite but a stressed out drug addict might just slip for fun

I caught one red handed tonight!
She came up and asked for a cigarette while i was at work, clearly on cocaine. I said “yeah i got marlboro lights”. Thinking to myself about how much i hate lights, but regulars are starting to hurt my lungs. she replied “yeah i hate lights too”.

knew she was one of them from the second she walked up to me.

That sounds frightening.

that is an interesting incidence I believe you

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