Dreamscape were did you disappear

I have not heard from you for some time.



I miss him too. Always had some great input and coping ideas.


I also miss him. I hope he is doing alright.


I’m a little concerned about @Anna and @MisterWaffles, too. It’s been a bit since I’ve seen either of them.

Hey I’m ok. I took a hiatus. I take breaks from this site whenever I get too bad because I don’t want to bring that level of negativity here.

Thanks for concern though :sunny:

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Sorry to smoke you out! I’m glad you’re doing okay.

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@darksith 's absence is noticed as well.



Got a reply from dark about an hour ago.


It’s hard to tell sometimes if a person’s absence is because he/she is feeling better or feeling worse.

But we all have become somewhat of a little ‘family community’. So I can see the concern when a member of our little flock disappears.


I’m here. Just been kinda lost lately. I shut down at my last appointment

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How’s the meds working for you?

Don’t know, sure its not great

I’m glad to hear from you; I could tell you weren’t happy the last time we talked.

Have you heard anything more about neurological testing?

Sorry to hear that :confused: How’s the rest of your life going?

Not yet. I’m probably going to have to go upstate, whichll be awesome -_-

The college down here only does testing for 14 and under, which means i’ll likely be going to the one up north

That’s a pain. I am really hoping they’re able to pinpoint something that will let them help you better. Please keep us updated.

Was your last appointment after you were here last, or was it the one we were talking about?

No, I meet with my doctors every week, I haven’t gotten the neurological testing done yet

I had some testing to do with my occupational therapist, and the clinician came too

Good luck. I want the best for pretty much everyone in general, but I very specifically hope for it for you.

Thanks sigh

Wonder how much worse things will get

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