Dreams.... Psychotic dreams the end

7ish found an all seeing eye pyramid coin.
Dreamt my ex
In his arms he held two bundles wrapped in white.
Dilusion my soul was taken
Dreamt I was put into a cage
Sent to hell.
His face was who I saw lock me in the cage.
Two times babies wrapped in white bundles.
Other half.
Have you seen my sons face
Seeing the celestial facr of God behind his face
Blue flame archonic God
Sun and moon
Re connect to the source is what the voices say and yes the source
Dreamt heaven I wore all white emeralds glistened.
I escaped from hell.
Remember walking through hell.
He sent me to hell.
In heaven love unity and a kid
Gnostic archonic belief but my bible says the whore of Babylon who i dreamt I was dies.
I feel dead
Like stigmata like my soul is pulled.
My body is physically pulled
Soul mates
When I’m with him I’m not myself
When I’m away from him I’m sick and miss him maybe just the dreaming part of heaven and being with him in heaven and Eden has me homesick.
I know this is fake… Just dreams but it physically feels real… I don’t get if it’s him who’s the morning sun or if he’s the moon. If he’s the end.
I don’t understand. . my subconcious was calling him, I dreamt my subconcious was giving messages when I was asleep.
Like amadala only hope messaging obi won
High jacked.
It’s not real I’m taking meds. I know it’s fake just crazy stuff I’ve been dreaming the end.

Demonic possession or connected to source for safety dilusion.

Well, this is the place to vent about delusions. A majority of us schizophrenics had nutty pseudo-religious beliefs at some point, it’s safe to say.

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