Dreams I experience. Could they be spiritual?

Since last year I’ve been feeling like somebody is visiting me in my dreams. They appear as different people in my life, like my dad or a friend. Sometimes they’ll show me things I don’t want to see. Other times they will tell me things. Like one time i was in the back seat with my ex bf, he was driving while I was in the back seat, and he turned around and said, “Take your meds.” This was during a time I was going through the worse psychosis I’ve ever experienced. Another time I was expressing how much pain I was in to my Dad and he looked at me and said, “I understand.” With this determined look in his eyes like he really did (I suffer from depression). I feel like they play with me sometimes. Whoever this is. Like make fun of the fact that I don’t know I’m dreaming and do things like take me on rides on a motorcycle or a flying car. Trying to impress me almost. Or scare me with nightmares. I’ve had dreams of family members who i would see the next day. I told my doctor. Don’t worry He knows lol. He upped my abilify. But the dreams never stop. And I can’t shake the feeling. I’m not psychotic, I am fine and functioning fine awake. But these dreams seem out of this world. I can’t shake the feeling. I just felt the need to get that off my chest to somebody besides doc. Can anybody relate?

Are you taking abilify at the exact same time everyday (more or less). If you don’t abilify can give you vivid dreams.

No I don’t. I just take before bed and don’t really pay attention to the time. Maybe I’ll start doing that. But this happened even before the Abilify.

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Yeah I feel silly for posting this now. Definitely going to talk to my doctor. This disease is killing me.

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