Dream themes

Is there a regular theme to a lot of your dreams? Of the ones I recall being lost is a regular theme.
This time it revolved around getting lost in NY while shopping with family and ending up wandering further and further from the city centre in the pouring rain. I was derealised and seemed to have lost time.

I have recurring themes of a utopian university in my dreams. It was cool until they slaughtered all of the students while they mistook me for someone else due to my hairline.

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Being lost used to be a recurring dream for me too. Now it happens rarely.

I very frequently dream about music, early in the morning, at the very end of my dream cycle, right when I’m getting ready to awaken. And, a lot of times, when I do awaken, I remember the music from the dream, and I wake up singing or humming the tune. The melody may have lyric’s or it may not. When this happen’s, I immediately record it on my smartphone. Then, I compose it, when I have the time. I consider these to be God’s inspiration’s. I am now recording an album, from music developed this way. Three musical piece’s, that I produced, were recognized by You Tube, in 2012.


The bad ones that rattle me… the theme is loosing my family and being alone with no love.

I loose my family in various different and horrid ways.

I think mine relates to my poor sense of direction, strong fear of unfamiliar places and of getting lost and trapped.
I am worrying myself silly over an appointment in 16 days with the Richmond fellowship as it’s in a large unfamiliar place.

The appointment is on the 2nd floor of a 9 story building(suite 22) . I don’t do well navigating busy,involved buildings, and if it is I can see me having a meltdown.
The idea is to reduce social isolation but if getting in and out of the building is going to stress me out what’s the point? It beats me why a mental health charity can’t be situated in a more service user friendly place.

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Yes, yes, yes. Almost ALL of my dreams are about me being chased by something.

i used to have nightmares a lot but they stopped years ago. it was always the same, me and my mum being chased around the street by a serial killer. i knifed him many times in the chest but he kept on coming. i always woke up during the knifing so never got to find out if i survived or not. the others were of being stung by either wasps or bees, nothing amazing, just those two were recurring. now and then i’ll dream of the voices and they are friendly in the dream, only to return to nasty when i awake.

I have images that keep appearing in dreams. When I anticipate serious problems I dream of tornados. I also dream of snakes. When my dad died he started appearing in my dreams. Now that my mom has died she has been appearing in my dreams.

One nightmare for me was having to take up the last work I did before receiving SSDI, the job I did fairly easy until I had my first break with reality, then the process of dealing with a problem client became nightmarishly real.
Another was continuously being chased by men in long white jackets to the point I’d jump under deep water and found myself able to stay under and not come up.
The last two years has been the last day on earth before mankind was wiped out, usually by slow painful death.
Sometimes I wake up screaming because the guys(?) my ex husband oversold my soul by 5 times all have come to collect and try to kill me and be the first to claim it.

Dungeon dweller I guess you’d call it. Constantly searching and finding secret doors, hidden chambers, mazes, digging and finding more clues to continue constantly searching. Mostly it’s underground. Could be a lot worse i guess.

I dream a lot of the time I was in school, but its weird, I’m not an 18-year old 12th grader, I’m a 30-year old one! (my age now). Or I’d dream of my days living with my parents, like dreams will be set in an old house in a suburb I grew up in, but I will be my present age in it, and married, like I am. Its like I go back in my past a lot, especially the days I spent in the suburb I went to school in.

I get a few occasional nightmares, like one recently I had was of a family who were trapped in a car under a river and I followed a diver to try and find them, but didn’t want to go underwater to see them for fear that they were dead. Turned out the car trapped air and they were still alive. In the dream I attended an interview with them in a public library. It turned out the car fell through a hole in the road and went under into the river. I still remember it was a blue car. Vivid and powerful scary dream it was!

Being forced to do things against my will

Things of that general nature have been plaguing my dreams since I was very small.

Not really unless absolute fantastic insanity is a recurring theme.

I’ve had a lot of dreams being back in school or working again.

Always revisiting my old rooms and houses in my dreams.

There is never really any reoccurrence. One time I had the same dream twice. Something to do with free willy. That’s all I can remember, that was a long time ago.