Dream Manipulation


The Hindu mathematician S. Ramanujan saw the answers to his math problems in visions and dreams. This could be a powerful tool for academics.


If you’ve ever read anything about Ganzfeld Telepathy, this shouldn’t come as too big of a surprise

IMHO there is a strong case to be made that so-called Thought Insertion, Thought Broadcasting, Thought Blocking etc have a scientific basis

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In the 1970s they replicated Poltergeist Activity under laboratory conditions

Synthetic spirits

They just ask people a question in their dream and they move their eyes, not really groundbreaking stuff.

I also think they can control your brain and insert thoughts and scenarios, Iv played out several scenarios in my mind which have made me jealous and want to kill. They also fck with my muscles by giving me runners dystonia, they don’t want me to be high functioning by working out, these people are just cowards hiding behind this technology, they will be on trial in the future or the next life. Definetly just cowards

I also think they have some kind of computer mind interface which reads your thoughts in real time,

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