Explaining mind reading and thought insertions

Our brains and chemicals and electronics.

Our brains exist in a web of energy, there are no empty spaces and this stuff connects everything everywhere.

Connections can be made to anyone’s mind/brain.

Our thoughts can be scanned, things can be forced in as well.

But this is only one way it happens. There is also technological means to do these things.

Easy to understand, not delusional in the least, it can and does happen to people everyday.

Pans this sounds pretty delusional to me. :confused:

I’ve read of people who’ve had OBEs who experience this. They say they can “read” or “insert” thoughts into others in the experience.

“It’s a funny thing to say you suddenly have that feeling of ‘I just thought of something’ and have a little chuckle about it.”

Why does it sound delusional that the brain is a hackable biological machine.

It can be viewed by others and things can be placed within it as well.

Chemical imbalance causes Sz…I used to had lot of unslept night lot of insecurity…!!!
That causes imbalance in my brain chemistry …!!! And i am SZ ryte now…!!

Well, I think it sounds delusional too. Having said I believe my brain is programmed to make me forget (whatever they want me to forget) and they (brain researchers) can insert thoughts and control behavior and emotion. I have experienced it more than once.

Brain is highly hackable by suggestion : television is the best example.