Dread washes over

I don’t know what I’m gonna do when my mom passes… I won’t be able to text her, I won’t be able to call her… I hate when I start thinking about this stuff.
I love her so much. She is my best friend.
Tomorrow she is gonna come stay with me where I’m house sitting.

Won’t your husband return from the army by then?

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Yeah… but it won’t be the same without her either way.

(Not that she’s not doing well right now but she has heart issues… so I can’t really expect her to live to be a 100)

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When my mom was dying in the hospital, our family stayed with her around the clock. Before she died I got to tell her I loved her and thank her for everything she did for me. I talked to her about other things but after she died there was so much more things I wish I had said to her.

I tell people if your parents are still alive to really appreciate them and tell them everything you want to say to them before it’s too late. Once they’re gone, that’s it, it’s final. While you still have them, thank them, tell them how much you love them. Thank them for all the sacrifices they made to raise you and all they have done for you. When the terrible time comes that they pass away you don’t want to live with any regrets about things you should have said.


:cry: sorry about your mother passing… I can imagine it’s hard…

Yeah… if I’m ever sappy toward my mom or start to tell her I love her too many times she gets suspicious and thinks I’m going into psychosis😂

I just texted her “I’m lucky to have you as a mom. You’re the best. I don’t tell you enough how great you are” it’s not the same as saying it in person, I know, but at least I said it…


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