Has anyone tried minocycline?

There have been studies showing that this antiobiotic, Minocycline, which is commonly used for acne, alleviates schizophrenia and in one case report i read, two people became practically symptom-free. Had anyone tried it? It may be a good idea to bring it up with your doctor as it is a relatively safe medicine and side effects are not bad. They are saying its effects may be due to its neuroprotectice and anti-inflammatory properties. It lowers inflammation in the brain.

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I tried it, not for schizophrenia and I had to stop it as it seemed to interact with abilify in a very bad way.

Long-term antibiotic use can lead to depletion of benign gut bacteria, which is dangerous. Irritable bower syndrome for example can be the result of such a practice.
I am aware that one catatonic patient has recovered completely after long-term minocyline administration, but I am not catatonic and it’s unlikely that minocycline can help with my negative symptoms. It basically acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, which is not what I suffer from.

I tried it didnt work, made me feel worse.

at first minocycline worked, but then i got IBS and psychotic reactions, i am getting a lyme test done and other tests next week thanks, it works 100% for negative symptoms, but it’s dangerous