Don't Watch Movies (Trigger Warning)


Movies Are Meant For Control Hiding In The Sphere Of Creativity.

Instead Write Song’s And Learn How To Play An Instrument.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

People say I’m very creative with my embroidery and I watch a lot of tv and movies… I don’t feel it gives me a block of any kind


I Haven’t Watched A Movie In A Few Terrible Years.

My Life Has Finally Gotten Back on Track.

Movies. Someone Or A Group Write A Script. Locate “attractive” People. And Send Out Stories.

To “inspire”. Everyone Gets Paid Alot Of Money And Everyone Wants To Be The Characters.

It’s Sad Really. . . . . . .

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

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sorry if you tought i was preaching at you sleep :slight_smile:

I’m going to be in a movie one day lol


Indeed. I Suppose Continue At That Practice Of Stalking Pal!.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

I will agree that it is sad about how only “beautiful people” get parts but I will say a movie can also be very beautiful and honestly a form of creativity in its own way!


I Said, “attractive”.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

you dont like my replies?

Calling someone a stalker is a ■■■■ thing to do,

and then say hope truth and love, :thinking:

@sleepoptimistic. Sorry… I was doing my own quote and what media calls them sorry if I misspoke


It’s Okay.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.


You Are Responsible At Getting A Very Important Thread Locked.

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night!.

Sarcasm Of Course, With My Well Wishes.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

Not To Mention, , ,

It’s Probably True.

Hope, Love, Joy And Peace!.

dont blame me, its not my fault

@sleepoptimistic. @mrhappy. Let’s not argue please…

yeah right, i’m a stalker bc i reply to your threads now and then, ok




Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

N e Hoo.

Moderators Lock The Thread.

Thus One Is Embarrassing.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

(By) (The) (Way)


Stop Following Me.

Thanx In Advance.


Now, That’s Settled.

Listen To More Music. Pick Up An Instrument.

And Create.

Hope, Love, Joy, And Peace!.

For Real Dreams (!!!).

Do you want this one closed or open? @sleepoptimistic