Don't follow in my footstep

I have decided to quit 500 mg Seroquel today because I think that the long acting I got today and the 160 mg geodon I take by mouth will do the job.
Do never go without antipsychotics without at least to tell it to your case worker.


You should tell your provider that you’re doing that in case you have a breakthrough of symptoms and lose insight

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I informed my nurse about the meds. She advices me to decrease my seroquel with 100 mg because I should be carefull about tapering.It’s a quite dangerous precess she told me. So now I’m down to 400 mg of seroquel


I’m glad you did that and are following the nurses advice. Good luck!

I would never quit without permission
from my psychiatrist.
I would be locked up, without APs

Updated infos. Now two months have passed. I got the doctors approval to come down to 400 mg and I’ve settled on that dose. Today I’ve initiated step two in the special operations program so I’ve tapered down to 300 mg Seroquel and will lower my dose to two hundred milligrams next month The one year will pass and I’ve finally got a flat tommy and no breast growth. Finally let me tell you my hournest opinion about meds from the 90 and successors. They don’t really work and most of them causes weight gain. Where as conventional antipsychotics only give you the shakes.

My treatment team has replied that they still are gonna help me but only if I stay on 300 mg Seroquel.

@columbus sounds sensible

Thats what ive been saying also, relapsed when cut my risperidone to 1mg

It seem that I’ve reach the bottom of the pit with my antipsychotics. I’ve no psychosis any more and None side effects I can’t live with.
Please be gentle to newcomers in this forum. Many of them are just as sick as I was 28 years ago so meet your fellow people with gentleness and understanding.

Thats solid advice :100: