Don't do as I do

I shared a needle with two heroin addicts. The guys legs were covered in sores. The girl was a hooker with a bad cough and the guy was her bi-sexual ex-con pimp/ boyfriend. This was in 1985 before any AIDS drugs came out. Back then being infected with HIV was a death sentence, a painful wasting away. I went to a county clinic and got tested, the week long wait for results was the scariest thing I’ve ever been through in my life. I thought I was dead. Luckily I tested negative.
But I had to get tested AGAIN a few months later when I shared a needle again with a friend who was a hooker and heroin addict. And again the fright, but I tested negative once again.


I am glad you’re a luck man 77NIck77.

I have an Aunt who lives in San Leandro, just down from Oakland and she was tell us how surreal the Bay Area got in the 80’s due to the epidemic. She lost a two friends to AIDS.

Even the treatment of that has been getting better.

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Yeah, you are very lucky Nick. Im not religious but I am spiritual to some extent - I dont know if you are religious, but I would be thanking God everyday, if you are a believer

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I got HIV tested once, because I had some sexual kissing with one woman. My result was negative, but I had to be certain. It has now been almost five years since this event.

Good thing you don’t live that lifestyle anymore! wow.

Better stick to sharing five loaves of bread and two fish.