Dodged a lethal bullet

This past Monday, I got a call very early in the morning. I had a bad feeling about it immediately, as no one ever calls me that early.

I nervously answered the phone. A woman named Leanetta identified herself as an employee of the Health Department, and said she was calling concerning a matter of public health.

She told me that I had been recently exposed to HIV through contaminated medical equipment at my dentist’s office. And that I needed to be tested ASAP.

I was so shocked that I almost hung up on her. And I could barely speak for a long time. Finally, I got my speech back and managed to ask her a few questions. We arranged for her to come to my house and draw my blood for testing.

Over the next few days, all I could do was wait. I got super paranoid and started thinking the worst. I basically just shut down and stopped functioning.

Until Friday, when she called me with the results. I was NEGATIVE!

I’m so relieved. And I’m just starting to function again. I’m sorry that I’ve been absent from the forum this week. But things will get better and I’ll be around again.

The Health Dept is conducting a full investigation of my dentist’s office and testing all of the other patients who were exposed. So I’m waiting to hear the results.

I actually love my dentist, but I think I’m much too traumatized by the experience to ever go back there–no matter what the results of the investigation are.

I’m just thankful that I made it through this, healthy and minimally damaged.

I hope to be healthy and alive for a long time!




I’m glad it was good news

Thanks firemonkey, I appreciate it!



sorry to hear that you should sue them for ££££££££££s.

That is scary. Very scary. Good to hear that you’re safe!

O.o I…what…who? A dentist?!

Sorry you had to go through that–but so glad the news was good!

Yeah, I had to get tested twice after sharing needles with two heroin addicts. This was back in the eighties when their were no drugs to prolong your life if you got HIV. Scary stuff.

What a thing to go through, and all from a routine dentist visit.

Glad everything came out okay!

I think you should sue the hell up the dentist,it might happen in 3rd world country,but nv in USA I think

I am so glad to hear that you are well. That must have been really scary.

Wow. I’m glad you are okay.

wow, you must have thought you were having a sz moment when you got the call, i am glad it all turned out for the better and good on you for holding it together, that was brave and it took a lot of courage.
but you can’t go anywhere, your dog would not be too impressed, not getting his home cooked dinner !
take care


That is mind blowing. Sounds like they will have a big lawsuit on their hands. Some hitmen dont shoot others these days, the punishment is too heavy, so they inject you with HIV, eazy e style.

I am so very glad you dodged that bullet. Bad news will knock me back for a while as well. I’m glad to hear that your getting back into the swing of life and this only hit you for a little bit. It’s very scary. Waiting and not knowing… the hardest part.

I think you are doing a great job over coming this shock. Here’s to a much better month ahead.

I’m glad your back.

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Thanks for all the well wishes, friends. I’m SO glad to be back!




Anthony I just read this post, I am glad you are alright - thank goodness, and yes you were missed here on this forum by me and I know others. I think it is wise that you dont go back to your dentist, even though you like him

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Thanks Wave! I’ve missed you guys too!

And no, I’m not going back to that dentist again. I would always be wondering and never have peace of mind.