Donating to the poor

I’ve been wondering for a long time how much money does world vision actually give to the starving people in Africa I used to watch the tv show and from the age of 8 I’ve wanted to donate but I heard the Africans barley get any of it idk if that’s true but I’ve always wanted to help since I was a child and I’m not exaggerating the age either


Two good charities I’ve given too are Mercy Ships and SmileTrain.
Mercy Ships is a huge ship decked out as a hospital that sails to third world countries and does operations on tumors and other deformities free of cost to the recipient. It has a 100% rating and 80 cents of every dollar donated goes towards medical expenses.

Smile Train goes around the world to poor countries and does free cleft palate operations. If the children who are born with cleft palates didn’t get these operations they are doomed to a life of rejection and ostracism from their people and they will most likely die in their teens. 100% of donations go towards funding for medical procedures.

It’s not too hard to find a reputable charity that does good in the world.


I think I’ve heard of the smile train I seen a commercial on it I think here it’s operation smile I feel like I’m privileged and others need help and I wanna help them make a difference

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I donate to a british charity called save the children i think it was. But not much at all. £2 a month, so £24 a year.

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Donating is an easy way to do it if you can afford it. Most charities will set you up for some amount you want as a recurring monthly donation.

The one problem I know I’m gonna encounter is that I would give away too much money sadly I’m too caring of a person

The easiest solution is: don’t. It’s not going to help you to go broke yourself by donating too much. It’s totally under your control.


I agree with nick. Dont donate a lot, because then youre the one in need of charity and run the risk of running up debts elsewhere. It’ll just stop you donating altogether - makes no sense whatsoever


I’ve always wanted to make hats and scarfs and some blankets for homeless folks. It’s rough out there for them.


Sounds like a worthwhile endeavor.

I donate $5-$7 every now and then.

I used to donate $5 a month to wayside chapel but now only sometimes.

I give food to local food pantry sometimes like a jar of soup or so.

I gave to someother charities to give food and water and health care .

Unfortunately a lot of charities are all religious.

One local man complained food pantry were sending him preachy bible verses and I think being self righteous etc that’s not right.
One should get unconditional food and drink and health care regardless of religion or if atheist or satanist or what ever t he fu c k one believes.
As long as one is polite and not causing trouble.

Sometimes I give a little more once a year or so.

Some charity workers are on a power trip missusing their position to suppress and so .
One homeless man said he couldn’t stand the power crazed behaviour of charity organisations in America that he rather beg on street than have them treat him like sh I t.
He didn’t beg though as he is a artist he sold drawings but he would rather beg if he had to.

Yes, I want and do the donation. Specially for schizophrenic’s and the ngo treating the schizophrenics. I have donated some cheque for those in past.


I donate £5 a month to the Salvation Army and had a bit of money so gave them £50.

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I donate £10 a month to my old University

It goes towards the hardship fund

When I was there I got lots of financial help from them

Only a small amount but a gesture I wanted to make


We donate lots of clothing some are new with tags.


I did donate but I was soo rude I can never forget in my life time what I did.

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