I'll feel bad if I don't donate to the homeless shelter

I just found out today from my dentist that I need a $500 mouth guard. It doesn’t bother me cutting off other charities, but I think I’ll really feel bad if I don’t donate to the homeless shelter. They are short of money during the summer months and really need it.

What do you think I should do?

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If you can’t afford it because of this bill, don’t donate. You can always donate at a later time when your finances are better.


I don’t have $500, and I was going to use my credit card. I just will need to pay it back and don’t want to be in debt.

Yeah, I’d still wait to donate. Donations are for when you have extra money, not when you’re struggling to meet the bills IMO.


Thanks Bowens. 15


I don’t know if this counts as irony but if you put the homeless shelter before your own needs you might actually end up there.


Living in Oakland has changed my stance on the homeless. I used to want to give badly, but now I get scammed a lot. I go to a gas station that’s only 30 seconds walk away from the front door to the apartment, for cigarettes, and they used to post a security guard. However they let him go during covid and now beggars are all over the place. The most common request is “I need gas money.” I’ve given to these people before, then they show up a week later asking for the same exact thing. If you don’t give them money, half of them are nice but the other half start cussing you out or intimidating you.

I don’t give to anybody more than once. I am more generous with cigarettes than I am with money though.

@77nick77 has a good point. I’d let the people with super excess bucks do the donating.

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I agree too. There will always be places that need donations, you don’t have to look very hard to find charities. Just take care of yourself for now and when you are in a position again where you have a little “extra” money then you can donate again.

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True. I’ve gotten over it now. I’m going to skip donating to it.


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