Don’t know what to do


I don’t have talent…


You may just need to find your talent. There is something good you can do.


You can draw 99% better than most people…

If you want to learn programming, put the effort in.

Talent is overrated and you need to work hard.


i always said to my children, we all have something we know we can do, be it a joiner, a singer, an actor or a teacher or a cleaner or a cook. it shouldnt matter what people think its how you enjoy it. so we are talented in things we do that make us feel good


Yeah you probably have some hidden talent you aren’t aware of. Maybe try some new things and you will discover it.


I want to make music but I don’t have flow


Do the best you can in the day you’re in.


Don’t know what to during hard days


You’re very talented with drawing. Don’t sell yourself short. Just keep practicing with music, you’ll get there.


if you dont know what to do then do nothing :slight_smile: simple, idk why we need to be doing something all the time anyway :slight_smile: we dont need to do anything


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