I don't have what to talk about

I want to draw humans. But they are hard. I didn’t draw like 4 months or more. I need to recover my art skills.


You’re very talented. With a little practice you’ll get it.

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I’m not very talented. I maybe have some talent. But I’m not Dali or Picasso

You’re more talented than me. I’m sure a lot of people would say the same thing. Talent is good but it takes practice to develop it. Just because you’re no Picasso now doesn’t mean you can’t improve and be really good in the future.


Picasso started out somewhere. He wasn’t always a legendary artist.

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Yeah. But with sz you cannot practice alot

I don’t want to be Picasso

It’s too hard it’s too hard

The girl pic had promise.

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What promise???

My Friday evenings and nights are very peaceful. I am planning to ride my bicycle tomorrow, but only if the bicycle paths are not frozen. It snowed today. I also painted 15 years ago and now I would say that somebody else painted those pictures. It takes a lot to master in any field. No wonder that winners in the Olympic Games practice many years before the actual games.

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Means it had potential.

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