Don’t know if I can make it through

Living inside my mind
Just extreme dp dr and schizophrenia
Locked in a scary ass ■■■■ prison in my head.

Never goes away how long you try.

I don’t have anyone to love on
Lonely as ■■■■, idk no one to cuddle

How do you peeps make it through, lately I’ve been so depressed thinking of how life use to be before this, and seeing all the ones I know grow up and move on. Empty so ■■■■■■■ empty. .


Please hang in there @ChrisJack.
Things will get better for you soon.


You gotta change up your mind bro. Don’t see life as so down, you are young and life is still very hopeful. You have to find hope. Find it with all your might…the girlfriend or wife will come in time…right now you have to work on you. Hope you feel better soon. @ChrisJack


I hope you will!!! Am going thru a similar thing.



Do whatever will take you out of your depression for the time being.
If that means, watching your favorite film, ya know, that one film your mates would laugh at if they found out.
If that means, listening to your favorite song, ya know, that one song that has been overplayed…
If that means, talking to yourself, or talking to your sister’s stuffed animals…
If that means, anything that is not what you are doing right now, you gotta break outta this rut, and the only way to do that is to do whatever you know used to work for you, then do exactly that.
Hope i made you smile, because talking to lifeless stuffed animals doesn’t work for everyone (just me)

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antidepressants pulled me out of it

I really take it one day at a time. I can get pretty lonely at times too. I just focus on my hobbies. Web development and music. I also exercise a few times a week and make simple attainable goals. Just take it one day at a time, perhaps talk to your psychiatrist about an antidepressant

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I would see your psychiatrist and get your medication right then maybe you could get a support worker who could take you out and help you then you have to go out and take on exercise and volunteer work


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