Dog woke me up snoring super duper loud

So here I am up at 1:58 in the morning looking for something to do.

I mean she was making tons of noise. Sounded like a damn chain saw. Had to pat her several times to get her to stop. It’s probably due to her being overweight. We are really trying to get her to lose weight but sometimes mom and dad cave and give her human food anyway.

As for me. I’m sticking almost exclusively to these little 3 calorie treats and baby carrots as treats. It’s not going to be my fault if she doesnt lose weight and becomes dieabtetic or something. I will totally fault my parents.


Hope she can start losing weight, i boil all sorts of veggies, frozen peas, brocolli, cauliflower and carrots in chicken broth no sodium. It’s actually part of my routine to make their food now.

My vet told me my dog was overweight too. It took a while but he’s maintaining a lean frame and doing good. We always thought he was just built stocky but it was weight.

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Hope you can go back to sleep. I got the reverse problem, gotta try to sleep now.

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