Does your illness cause you to take extra precautions?

I’ve noticed having schizophrenia has caused me to be extra careful of possible threats. Even on medicine. An example of this would be that if I’m in the car or outside my house, if I smell something that seems suspicious, such as smelling something pleasant when there seems to be no source, I’ll hold my breath in case it’s a poisonous gas made to smell good so people will breathe it in. Has your illness made you like this too? Not specifically avoiding potential poisonous gases, but just taking extra precautions?

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I’ve realized that I often have to pick my battles. I can not fight the suspicion I feel when a car drives too slowly in front of my house every time. There are just so many times I can tell myself to just let it go. And there is only so much will power in a person and you can not fight every possible threat. So I ask myself sometimes, is it okay to go through with this ritual of maybe flipping the light switches if it doesn’t mean anything and if it means I can fight off something bigger and more important later.

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Well, I won’t drive if I’m having a bad day with positive symptoms. There are different kinds of distracted driving and all of them are bad.

What you are describing is paranoia.

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