Does this sound like hypermania?

Over the last week I have been feeling very positive and happy since coming back from Sri Lanka. I feel very blessed. I feel very content. I want to start writing my book and I can become a famous author (But I will have a pseudonym) according to my staff I’m talking very fast. But apart from that I’m feeling okay, no paranoia. (just the usual thoughts) I’m not feeling giddy. I feel like going to Sri Lanka has given me time to reflect and I feel very positive. Is this normal after having a very sussessful holiday on ones return? Or can it be hypermania and get worse?

I think is normal after a vacantion to feel good about yourself,the world and have some good plans. Sounds like it was a great time in Sri Lanka. I do not think is hypermania, unless u do something exagerated.


You just might be plain old happy
But if you’re concerned about it then keep an eye on things and see if it gets more intense over the next few days.

Might be hypomania but then again it might not be

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I’m not sleeping well. Can’t switch off thinking. I keep thinking about when I was last manic and how wonderful it was, I’m feeling that excitable feeling again. I’m starting to really focus on my dance music and it’s making me feel amazing.

@bobbilly just make sure you do not do anything irational. But that could be hard to predict in manic state. I know feelings can be great, but from what I remember it almost like you become posesed. Do not give up control of thoughts and actions pls.

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