Does this forum hold you back in anyway?

Its a very good support site but in terms of moving on with your life does it remind you that you have this illness when you come on it.

This site has helped me tremendously when i needed it but sometimes i normally rant on about ■■■■ when im negative and it reminds me im sick still and that meds are just covering it up like a oyster stuck in its shell!!!

I want to fly free and move into the wild like the movie " into the wild " i want to escape the torture this illness has brought upon me. I want to take my pills and just pretend they part of my life and im normal. I want to forget about the name Schizophrenia or Schizoaffective !

It holds me back in terms of this illness and moving past the crucial one eyed snake delusion…

Do you feel this way sometimes?


No, I just found this forum recently and it’s nice to be able to communicate with others with the illness. When I try to talk about certain issues regarding my illness with my girlfriend, she tends to get frightened or worried about the things that she doesn’t really understand. She’s still sympathetic and on my side of course, but I think it’s better to talk about these things in private with others who may have more insight. But i know what you mean, for many years I focused on trying my best to be as “normal” as possible and didn’t spend too much time thinking about all the things that held me back for so long. While i think it might be a mistake to live in denial of your illness, maybe you can find a balance between finding new ways to fit back in with the mainstream lifestyle, while maintaining your treatment.


I hate the wild, this is heaven I want to stay here…


I know what you mean, @anon20318121. For all of its good qualities, this place serves as a reminder to me that I’m ill. But I do appreciate having a space to come to when I want to feel like I belong somewhere.


I don’t stress it too much with this forum. I enter(log in) here just sometimes

Anything can be addictive, even exercise for some people.

There are temporary volunteer “bans” you can ask the mods for. You can pick the amount of time.

Sometime people need a break from here, but return too much because they want to socialize. Then stay logged in too long,… which leads to…nothing. No chores, no showers, no walks… nothing.

This site nor medicine holds you back. It is the cruddy illness. it makes us want to sit with butts glued to seats.

I leave to do things every day. or sometimes days at a time.

The site will be here when you back.


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