Does the upcoming medication Ulotaront treat positive symptoms as well as negative symptoms?

I tried calling Sunovion but couldn’t get a clear answer. And I don’t know how to read things like the PANSS scale and stuff. From what I’ve gathered it treats positive symptoms as well. But wanted to check.


Yes it treats positive symptoms.

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I won’t be so sure until its released.

The negative symptoms that they claimed to treat are self reported. Patients reported that their negative symptoms got better after being on the antipsychotics, whether its a more reliable result compared to observed results is up to professional and your interpretation

Where did you find patients who took ulotaront that claim it helped with negative symptoms? If what you say is true that is very good news.

Ulotaront was found to be associated with mean improvement from baseline to last observation carried forward (LOCF) endpoint on the BNSS total score (-8.0), the PANSS negative subscale score (-3.5), the Marder PANSS negative symptom factor (-3.5), and the UPSM-NDE (-0.3) and UPSM-NAA (-0.3) factors.

I’m wondering if this med will be useful for Normal anhedonic people. I’m wondering if somehow it acts on the vagus nerve. There’s so many unanswered questions


Yeah i find my anhedonia is caused by antipsychotics. So if you want the anhedonia to go away you need to get off them.

@Johnnrocato56 i dont think the new meds will “cure” anhedonia and what not. I just think it wont cause those things it will indirectly cure it. Since they will be on a medication that isnt causing it.