Ulotaront Effective for Negative Symptoms in Patients With Acute Schizophrenia


Ulotaront was found to be effective at treating negative symptoms of schizophrenia, according to the results of an initial double-blind study presented at Psych Congress 2021, held from October 29 to November 1, in San Antonio, Texas.

Ulotaront (previously SEP 363856) is an orally active psychotropic agent, being developed by Sunovion Pharmaceuticals


It also works on positive symptoms


All taar1 agonist seems to have the same effects. Also work on cognitive functions


Heck yeah I’m excited


Do you know if the effect on cognition will be mild or significant?

I think it’s significant, can’t remember as the study is quite long ago

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When ulatorant will be available the market ?

Ulotaront is planned to be on the market in 2023. in the USA.


I’m very hopeful for this drug and very hopeful it can get rid of anhedonia in otherwise healthy people as well. There are some skeptics though many people are saying this drug won’t work for negatives as nothing really does. Can someone lay out the efficacy for me in plain English and describe how well it would work based on the numbers?

we all hope for a miracle to come against this devasting illness. I would like to swipe my oral meds for this hopefully wonder meds. But I still want to get my depo injection because that’s the only meds I trust in the treatment of the positive symptoms.