My P/doc signs off on it so forget fraud

To all the posters who thought i was trying to defraud the government, turns out that my psychiatrist has to sign off on it so its totally legit,

I went to the office with the form and the lady was very nice but i had the wrong form so she gave me the new form and my psychiatrist has to sign off on it, he knows me better than anyone when it comes to my illness so he should support me.

For anyone who doubts me you really need to chill out and i’ll let you know if i get it

P.S. idk why my posts about this have been locked, i would’ve preferred to have it all on one post but whatever,

I think people need to be made aware that these permits are now available for people with hifdden illnesses (including mental illnesses) we really should raise awareness about it,

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I still think it’s disgusting.

You don’t have any trouble traveling from your parking spot to destination,

You just want to avoid parking tickets.

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Why can’t you walk from a parking spot? I don’t get why you need a handicapped permit if you don’t have a physical disability. It took my husband getting very disabled before we got ours. My autistic daughter was a runner, but i kept hold of her and didn’t use one.

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you should look up the reasons why online, i’m not about to explain my personal details here for it to be picked apart again, my psychiatrist is the official person who will deal with this and not anyone here.

idk if a permit is available in the USA or Canada for people who suffer mental distress when parking but maybe you can find out more about it online.

You’re manipulating the system,

I don’t think it’s something you should be applauded for.

If you don’t like what we have to say about it, why do you constantly make threads about it?