Does SSRI increase the effectiveness of antipsychotics?

Does it? I am on escitalopram and my postives improved to the point of almost non existant. As it reduces dopamine it should work also controlling our symptoms with antipsychotics.

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ADs sometimes worsen psychosis, some increase dopamine like Wellbutrin. Most work on Serotonin. Where did you read that they decrease dopamine?

About theories of sexual dysfunction in SSRI. This theory says that because lower dopamine causes lowered libido

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They increase serotonin which is also what serotonin blockers does for aps and that improves psychotic symptoms

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I think Serotonin messes with libido too.

Is there an AP that doesnt block dopamine?

Sep 363856 and karxt, sep is launching in us in 2023 and Japan and China a bit later

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I found this ap, it doesn’t block dopamine but its used for Parkinson’s psychosis:

Yea but it blocks serotonin like crazy

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pdocs have told me that, and yes, I think it’s true.

but I notice more effectiveness of all of them when I quit beer.

Technically yes as serotonin opposes dopamine. But another problem is when serotonin is increased focus and concentration get reduced which make some individuals uninhibited which if coupled with positive symptoms like mania, paranoia etc can make them go out of control.

Another thing which also oppose dopamine is acetylcholine. Several things raise acetylcholine in brain like lione’s mane mushroom, choline enhancers like cdp choline. These two are strong acetylcholine enhancers and can reduce dopamine in some. Weak ones like omega 3 fish oil, phosphatidylserine, holy basil (tulsi) can also reduce dopamine level a bit. But these all can’t be substituted for AP as the effect is not much noticeable for people who already experiencing positive symptoms. These useful for general public who occasionally get mild positive symptoms like anxiety, anger, irritability etc thus to calm their mind.