Pimavanserin: An Inverse Agonist Antipsychotic Drug



Now availible. I kinda want to try it but im afraid of the qt interval stuff


Interesting! I’d like to try it.


I’m planning on trying it, I’m just hoping to get insurance to cover it, if not I’ll buy half and use it as adjunctive. All antipsychotics have qt interval side effects, it’s no worse than any of the others.


Will your doctor let you


Yeah, I’ve experienced so many terrible side effects that they decided they would, and it passed a phase 2 in adjuctive for schizophrenia.


Nice. Let us know how it goes.


I was on nuplazid for about 7 months, it controlled my hallucinations, but I had a hormonal imbalance which made me very emotional,and they switched me back to latuda while I was in the hospital.( the psychiatrists wanted to be safe, since it’s not fda approved for schizophrenia) I did lose about 70lbs in the time i was on it. I also slept better and felt much stronger.



With new drugs you’ve got to give it time to see how it works in general for others before deciding to take it yourself. Jumping on the bandwagon too quickly can lead to bad consequences. I’ve paid dearly for doing that.


I’m highly responsive to medication. On latuda I’m stable and symptom free on 80mg so I don’t know how nuplazid would work for someone else. I just know that for me I didn’t have any hallucinations from day 1. Other than my emotions everything was fine. It wasn’t the Nuplazid that caused it. I would like to try it again now that I’m back to normal emotionally. I also take Prozac for depression. Also the FDA came out and cleared Nuplazid from safety risks. They said it was being tested in frail elderly patients and that’s the reason for the death rate. There were no deaths in the Alzheimer’s studies.


Yeah, pretty much. Nothing is going to be risk free, but if it’s as safe or safer than current antipsychotics, I’m afraid these old articles that are no longer relevant may disuade people from something that may be beneficial.

Like when the FDA got freaked out about ITI 007 / Lumateperone’s toxicity in dogs, but it wasn’t relevant to humans (dogs are different, they can’t have things like chocolate and grapes which are safe for humans.) It is the FDA’s job to worry about these things, but with the internet the question never goes away even after it is answered.