Does schizophrenia ever end?

I have been ill for 3.5 years, and it feels like 350 years.
I am happy with myself, but I would prefer to live as a functioning person.
There are so many adventures with this disease.
It is like getting born anew every day.
I hope that I will one day manage to live a normal life.


I have had schizophrenia for fourteen years. I didn’t get better until four years ago. I wouldn’t say it’s ended, but recovery is definitely possible. I’m not 100% healthy, but I’m pretty damn close!


I hope so. You’re quite smart and social. You’ll get it!

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Yeah get this. Frustrating. I love who I am, cant be her or live like her. Ie functioning as her, who I really am

I’ve had paranoid schizophrenia for 36 years. I’ve had good years and bad years. The first two years were hell.

I suffered every minute of every day for those two years. I couldn’t relax for a second, keeping my sanity was a full time job and I spent all my energy on keeping control of my symptoms. But I pretty much fit in at most places in public or just about anywhere else without anyone knowing something was wrong with me.

But I spent literally months at the beginning of my disease sitting by myself in the backyard of the group home I was in trying to control my thoughts and symptoms. My pet theory is that those months “trained” me to be able to stay in control of myself years down the road. That, and being the best damn actor in looking and behaving normally. Acting normal was second nature for me until just about 6 years ago. Now it takes effort.

Anyways, I’m 55 now, looking back on being employed for most of the last thirty-odd years of this disease. I’m happy and content most of the time, in fact, I’m probably happier than I am even aware of. I’ve paid my dues with schizophrenia and I’ve paid my dues in “life” itself. Now is my time to be happy and reflect on my life. I haven’t given up by a long shot, I am just pondering and planning my next move.

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It never ends until they put us in a pine box

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Lol. Speak for yourself, I want oak, lol.

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I second that…

Or until that faithful day when some hero developes a cure and we all go outside and burn our antipsychotics in s bonfire

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Cure…cure…cure…hope its injectable

when lay my head down on the pillow at night, when I am eating a good meal, when I am talking to a loved one, when I am playing with my dog

I have only been sick a year and a half but it does seem like years. I really thought it was going to be over any time and it just…kept…going. I was just talking to my pdoc today about whether she thinks I could ever get off meds and be ‘normal’. She said I need to be normal ON meds for awhile first, lol. Fair enough. I am still highly delusional. I doubt I will ever get rid of my delusion but, hopefully, it will fade into the background like it has for several people on here. A cure sure wouldn’t hurt my feelings. That’s for sure.

Recovery is possible frankly a consumers nightmare what help what support is out there.