Does playing Child-like games make you feel better?

Everyone knows being a kid is much more fun than being an adult. Lately I have found that when I engage in what is considered to be ‘child-like’ activities I feel better overall. I’m happier and more comfortable with myself when engaging in childish games or watching children’s TV shows.

For instance, I used to just play an online game where you adopt plush pets into a virtual world with my niece for her benefit. I’ve now started realizing that my niece is growing less interested as she gets older, but I am still highly involved in the game. The game is marketed for 5 to 14 year olds, I’m 28 and married with grown step children. My husband finds my enjoyment in this game silly and ‘ridiculous’, yet he plays Xbox and Playstation games constantly. HIs excuse is “those are for adults too”. I don’t understand why my online game isn’t for adults too, if it makes me happy and brings pleasure to my life, what’s the harm?

I guess I just want to know if any other ‘diagnosed’ out there engage intentionally in child-like activities for no other reason than it brings a smile to your face and if you think that is ‘okay’?


It’s fine, I think. I even act child-like most of the time.

I tend to act a little child-like too when certain situations come up that my psyche is not prepared to handle. The doctor called it regression or something like that, she said as long as it’s not an all the time thing, it’s no big deal.

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Sometimes simple is better

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When I hit my 20s… there were some dark times, but when I had those rare better days…

hanging out and coloring and flying kites with my 9 year old sis made the day that much better.

I’m having much better days now… in my 30’s … and taking my 6 year old niece to the park and playing on the swings or flying kites and shooting hoops with my 9 year old nephew… that is the best way to spend my time. I love that.

“child-like” activities are so uncomplicated and usually joyful.


If you enjoy it - and it makes you happy - thats a good thing. Its no different than your husband.

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I’m 49 years old going on 10…

I’m the quintessential Peter Pan…and I’ve gotten to relive my own childhood again through/with my 10 year old daughters.

I love children. They are 100% pure unfiltered joy, energy, love and curiosity. Kids are fearlessly creative. This is the way I’ve always tried to live my life.

So don’t ever be ashamed, llama, of enjoying games/hobbies designed for younger audiences…you’re just more in touch with your inner child than most people and this is a very good thing!



I play Monopoly,Pictionary,Puzzles, watch cartoons (there are some very cool animated movies,remember a Burton’s Corpse Bride), and I used to care for childrens digital pet Poo!!! :blush:

Do what you like
and dont give a ■■■■

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yes, i think i am young at heart

and some of my classmates said that i dont act like a 32year old lol,

just do what you want, do what you like


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