Does pain affect your schizophrenia

i have some back problems which cause pain. between that and the depression i get, i decompensate a lot. does pain affect anybody’s schizophrenia?

I have a totally different experience with pain and schizophrenia- while I was psychotic and unmedicated, my pain threshold was way higher. I would sometimes do crazy ■■■■ in the gym that I can’t do today, I guess I could now (I’m bigger and my lifting total in lbs is alot higher) but I have a normal pain threshold and know when to stop. For example, I can one-rep max deadlift nearly three times my weight, but before meds I could do more for repititions and less for one rep max.

I remember being really psychotic one day when I was 145 and squatting 250 12 times. I can’t squat 250 12 times as of now, and I’m 165. Just doesnt make sense! I dont remember feeling pain until the last rep, now I feel worn after 5 reps!

I also have a very high pain tolerance. Been told that by a dentist, and a cop (much later of course).
When in constant pain, like my back which I ruined by heavy lifting (boxes in a warehouse), hip and joint pain from ? Arthritis? Foot pain from god knows what now…I get tunnel vision and act not very well.
So yeah, it really affects my symptoms.

i dont have a high pain tolerance even though i have schizophrenia.

When I was unstable and psychotic I have a very high pain tolerance. I could be hurt an not really notice it until it became bad.

I walked on a very bad ankle for weeks until it just gave out.

But now that I am stable, my tolerance seems to be much lower.

The odd thing is… NOW pain will trigger a flare up in symptoms and my head circus will amp up if I’m in pain.