Decreased Pain Sensitivity Among People with Schizophrenia: A Meta-analysis of Experimental Pain Induction Studies

And this proves what - I wish they would spend funding on medication rather than pain thresholds. Maybe I’m being ignorant?

I would be concerned if patients were forced into these studies but I am guessing they were voluntary participants and could say no at any point.
If they weren’t then I agree such research could be seen as unethical.


I didn’t consider that. Good point!

Meds can only do so much.
I have been called “VERY pain tolerant” by my dentist, Dr., and one rogue cop.

When others take pleasure in serving up pain,
It just becomes one more side effect I’ve learned to ignore.

This earlier research is more ambivalent.


Results indicate that schizophrenic subjects present a specific experimental pain response profile, characterized by elevated sensitivity to acute pain but reduced sensitivity to prolonged pain.