Does latuda help you with

Disorganized thinking?
Intrusive thoughts?

You seem to have asked about lots of antipsychotics. The best there’s is Clozapine.
What meds did you try?

I’ve tried most there is except older generations

What sympyoms you still have? Clozapine didn’t work? Maybe try Haldol? I heard its effective and fast.

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I’m curious about Latuda also but I doubt it will work on me.
Most of these antidepressant type antipsychotics don’t help me at all.
I find them to be very activating on top of everything else.

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Same here. I lose sleep

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Have you tried Geodon @LovelyCreature?

im wondering if I should just take a break from meds and let my brain heal from invega

for like a week when I had racing thoughts

I couldn’t take a break from taking meds.
Id end up going to the psych ward instantly or worse off yet, jail.

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Oh yikes… i hope and pray ill be ok

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You may have go try the older first generation typical antipsychotics like Haldol.

I’ve had better results with latuda than, risperadal, zyprexa and abilify, but everyone’s different.

same here. Last year i was on latuda and i became hypo, irritated, a lil angry and akesthisia so i quit. Didnt give it that long to see of it would settle down. I had just recently had quit methamphetamine and am wondering if that had anything to do with it… thinking of trying again but really nervous… seems all antipsychotics turn me sideways…


how did it help you?