Does it seem like brain damage?

When you have your issues do you feel like you have brain damage?

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I just think it’s my antipsychotic side effects.

So these mysterious meds that seemingly help with psychosis but have potentially unknown other mechanism effects in the body.

It kind of scares me.

Might go off them but not sure yet. Obviously if I end up staying on them, or relapsing and going back on them, I will just focus on them in a positive way.


Oh and the dp,… Idk I am hoping it’s reversible

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It feels like damage afterwards. When you’re trying to piece together whatever life you can afford to feel like you want to have.

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Yeah, the dp is like that for me too. I dont know what aps are doing to me, and im going off them too.

does your pdoc support this?

I hope you will not relapse if you do.

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Really, I think I know better than whatever my current pdoc says. Ive had other pdocs and nurses say I could go off them. I think my current pdoc is an ahole.


okdokes lol.

hope youse coming off them gradually like lowering dose gradually over a lot of time.

i know of someone who went off cold turkey and it was not the best of experiences.

you probably know this but just in case.

sounds like exciting times :))

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My last dose was a shot so it will wear off gradually.

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It does feel like my brain is deteriorating to me at times. Especially when I can’t remember simple things

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The whole left side of my head feels like it exploded its not the same… I think I had a stroke or something

Yes it does. The medication caused damage, i think.

Yes but it is not the meds in my case.

Meds do not cause brain damage. I have had scans to prove this.

I just really like this song.


I do sometimes feel as if I have brain damage and my brain can feel fragile and kindof hurt sometimes.

Psychosis is brain damage and going off meds is stupid beyond comprehension if you go off meds you end up in the hospital and you will be even more of a vegetable.

Each case really seems to be different. In the last analysis you’ll have to do what feels right.

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