Does Invega Sustenna wear off over the month?

I just recently started Invega Sustenna and have my second round next Wednesday (I already had the first shot and then the booster a week later). Things have been getting worse for me recently, probably in part because I just went back to work so that adds stress, plus I work nights so my sleep schedule is all out of whack.

I’m just wondering if it’s common for the med to get “weaker” or wear off in the last week before a new injection?

It didn’t for me

Mine did. That’s why I am going to request a shot every 3 weeks.

When I first started it I thought it did wear off a couple of times But perhaps because I was trying to get stable at the time…since then I have not noticed anything at all.

Yes I found it got weaker in the 3rd week. Unfortunately you can’t take a dose every 2 weeks. Clozapine worked well for me but had to come off as it kept lowering my white blood cells.