Does higher dose of depakote give more anxiety relief?

I’m on 1000mg and it has kind of lost its effectiveness based on blood test.
I’m just wondering if I could treat my anxiety better with higher depakote dose rather than treat it with klonopin or teas.

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Depakote is an anticonvulsant mood stabilizer but it’s also a potent anti anxiety medication.
You can ask your doctor to go go on a higher dose but Depakote is hard on your liver, so lower tolerable doses are recommended.

I’m currently on 1000mg of Depakote ER

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Do you take it in the morning or before bed?
Maybe I could switch taking it in the morning since it doesnt make me sleepy.


I take 500mg in the morning with my other meds, and then I take another 500mg before bedtime.

I take both doses with my other meds.


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